Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ASA bring heat @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Raka Lee and Bryanna Turner definitely know how and when to apply pressure, in fact Turner has already made a Tip Sheet because her ability to score multiple ways as well as her explosive first step will definitely create problems for defenders throughout her career. Big improvement throughout the squad, Charli Joesy and Kendra Lindsey have definitely elevated their games while Shai Rogers energy just ignites the squad

One of the biggest jumps has been Cameron Richards, shooting, a jumper and not only is she shooting them, she's knocking them down. Taylor Smitherman , Kalissa Whitson and Kourtney Wright all have shown they too can score while the upside from 5th Grader Taler Thornton playing up and more than holding her own tells me that I definitely need to keep  my eyes on her