Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cy Fair Shooters 2024 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #5thGrade

This team just captured my attention instantly back in March and the more I see them, the more different players show me. Kennedy Evans is a Tip Sheet waiting to happen, I already said she was D1 Lock, peep this "I ain't been wrong yet" but  the team is filled with players that will and have the potential to go on and play somewhere after high school. Cheyenne Wooten is so explosive, with the ball. The team was shorthanded and still made a run, love what Bryn Lusby and Mikah Comer bring to the table as well as Yves Cox and Kendall Robinson because from that initial sighting, this squad keeps getting better

Hannah Carr's driving, pun intended.definitely showing no signs of running out of gas, double pun. She gets to the rim with ease and finishes with contact. The more I wut I atch Emily Diaz, yeah I get it but I got it back in March with the b2b2b 3's, told you I don't forget. Diaz also is creating more and taking defenders off the dribble and with that range, she's going to be hard to handle. LeAire Nicks probably isn't related to Stevie but her game is definitely a hit, long and athletic, she's already creating headaches on both ends while Olivia Pennington continues to be that silent assassin that just fills in plenty of the blanks quietly and efficiently