Thursday, August 3, 2017

Team Texas Dynasty 2023 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Sometimes you're fortunate enough to catch diamonds in the rough early and when I first saw Team Texas Dynasty 2023 a few weeks ago, I knew I was watching a special group of players with bright futures, many destined for big things down the road but I'm always getting lucky in that sense. Aniya Thompson simply has added to what I already thought about her, she hurt a shoulder during that initial sighting however wanted to make the trip because "her team needed her" and playing through pain at this age is definitely an eye opener. Her ability to control the paint at this age is definitely a plus and if she grows, who knows how high she'll land. Jalaylah Ingram also opened my eyes to other things she brings to the table, she's explosive on both ends, plays the passing lane and can score and with her athleticism, watch out

Riley Grays is around 6'2, well she definitely is with her wingspan and trust me, she's already coordinated, she's athletic, rebounds on both ends, runs the floor, blocks and (or) alters shots and the biggest thing is that she will only get better because I see the passion every time he steps on the court. The J & J back-court of  Jaceii Denley and Janae Tucker definitely spell #GoodTimes when I see them on the court because like that old saying I love to drop from the 70's comedy, they are DYNOMITE and I ain't laughing. These young ladies possess the "it" factor, both can score and defend and more importantly handle the ball under pressure but their upside is what has me excited, they're legit now but they're also too legit to quit as they will only elevate their games

Talk about poise the first time I saw her, Keely Cummings left me speechless as 2nd grader when I asked could she play and she said come see. I'm still looking and although I can talk  now, I see her improvement but that BB-IQ at this stage will help her throughout her career, she knows how to control the temp, play within herself and just make things happen, good things. Olivia Shaw keeps showing me one thing I love to see, she knows how to create her own shot under pressure and when you have that this early, that's a definite plus. That midrange game looks good and it will keep getting better and speaking of keep getting better, the more I watch Dakota Watson the more she shows me. She can play both the 1 and the 2 and I've seen her drop the 3 get fouled on it and make it a 4 point play so while we're dancing to the beat keep in mind that this is a talented squad that I will certainly be keeping an eye on