Wednesday, August 2, 2017

DC Queens Black 2024 @ 2017 Primetime Nationals #5thGrade

I caught this team a little over a month ago and was simply speechless at the young talent that they had. Katelyn Evans blew me away as 4th grader playing up on this 5th grade squad in fact I was impressed that she made the Tip Sheet for that event but she isn't the only one playing up creating issues for opponents. Sydnee Jones definitely grabbed my attention and not because her name is almost the same as my daughter's but she's already explosive and finishes hard, after the lick. Karrington Jackson also is playing up and from what I'm seeing, her game will go up, up and away because athleticism from the guard spot at this stage is definitely a plus, she creates issues on both ends

This is a just a fun group to watch because they keep coming at you, Dacianna Manuel is another player that attacks and finishes strong. Nehemiah Walker and Audrey Clein both showed that could score and defend and there's no let up when Kennedi Petteway and Saviah Shabazz step on the court. DC Queens has some of the best young talent in the Metroplex, wait, didn't I start saying that like 4 or 5 years ago, I don't know when it was but it doesn't matter because as usual I was right and I'm definitely on point with these young ladies