Friday, August 4, 2017

PWP 2023 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Sometimes things just fall into my lap and after walking around on Fieldhouse Friday from to court to court, I caught a squad that reminded me of that trailer for the movie Pleasantville because everyone was dropping threes, the mid range or whatever,  so low and behold, coach happened to have a hard copy right there and there you have it, Oklahoma PWP 2023 is on here. Gentry Baldwin is a #sizedontmatter guard that keeps coming at you, handles the ball under pressure and defends while Jenniika Boone attacks from everywhere plus she has good hands. Lia Estrada, Meredith Mayes and Kassidy Blankenship kept the heat going because no matter what the mix was on the floor, they kept battling

Alyssa Nielsen's ratings were high, hopefully you all catching this, she's athletic, knocks down the midrange with ease and just for fun, she showed me she could drop the long ball, well I saw her do that numerous times when I glanced at the squad passing by earlier. Kalayda Johnson already has a strong body that can punish as well as take punishment but she pushes the ball coast to coast under pressure, these are all positives at a young age that spells trouble for defenders. Okay she's athletic, you got that but her ability to see the floor on top of everything I just said. Gracy Wernli also saw the floor well and she creates not only for herself but her teammates plus to kep defenses honest, she too can shoot that ball, mid to long range