Saturday, August 5, 2017

GTE shows Mobilnet ability @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #8thGrade

If you've been around as long as me, you'll catch the Mobilnet however since most haven't, use me as a guide to how the game was once played and not get all "uppity" about someone with a hunnid followers ranking kids nationally as early as the 3rd grade because the game is played both on and off the court and many of you will find that out, but not in a good way. Now GTE coach RaShonta LeBlanc played it that way, both and off the court, in a good way, because she was simply an amazing player in HS and went on to star at LSU showing the "on the court" and excelling academically as well, which ties in to the "off the court" so again use my knowledge

Mackenzie Joseph is the lone 2022 on this talented 2021 squad and her efforts in the paint did not go unnoticed. Already knows how to use her body, gets physical and finishes, plus she rebounds on both ends, Kayden Morris also rebounds well and finishes with contact. Kassie Chavez gets to the basket at will and knows how to set teammates up for baskets. Love the heat from Jordan Ward and Cameron "what's the " Dill as both are athletic and just keep coming at you. Ivy Le and Audrey Postula also made things happen, showed they could score and defend while Leanne Long's length definitely creates issue on both ends. Tough young squad that will only get better, trust me