Friday, August 4, 2017

DC Queens 2023 Platinum @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Who said DC Queens had some of the best young talent in the Metroplex FOUR years ago, never mind, fast forward to now, I'll stand by earlier assessment and continue it in our new administration so let me drop this on you. You got heat coming from everywhere on this squad, I mean Jadyn Iglehart just attacks at will, gets to the basket whenever against whoever and she defends. Kaley Oneal and Kileyah Parr's athleticism a this age enables them to cause issues for opponents as they join Iglehart with the knack for getting to the rack. Mar' Cyah Willis and Shawna Robinson also kept the heat going when they were on the floor, again heat from everywhere

Another MJ creating some problems is Mycah Jones who sees the floor very well at this stage and has range not to mention can score off the dribble but when you talk about range, Brooke Jones can definitely let it go. I saw this team a couple of times earlier this season and believe me they have some young ladies that will make some noise in te not so distant future, hey I'm hearing them now and when you observe Sydney McKinney's energy on both ends as well as her ability to blow by defenders, well that energy trickles down her squad so I'll close with Andrea Johnson who is already making things happen on both ends, she's very athletic, can get to the basket and watching her impressive floater has me "floating on" as I close out the morning session