Thursday, August 3, 2017

Oklahoma Lady Thunder finishes 3rd @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Oklahoma has been producing talented players that captured my attention since right after the turn of the century when I saw Earnesia Williams (Texas) and Danielle Gant ( Texas A&M) playing for Air Oklahoma and battling Marissa Coleman (Maryland) and her Fairfax Stars squad in Virginia Beach and although most of you might not know those names, the magic of Google will enlighten you because I was certainly just that watching them in person, before I started wearing glasses. I still don't really wear them and when i see talent, my eyes really open up and this young 6th grade squad has an abundance

Bradyn Russell is simply over the charts, she's a big guard that has range and when you open up a game dropping NBA threes, yeah I got it immediately. I think more than her abundance of offensive weapons, the fact that she loves to play D simply took over and when you understand the importance of playing the passing lane at this age, you're ahead of the game. Zoe Tucker and Jaleen Maples just keep coming at you, I love guards that can attack under control and both do just that plus finish but the biggest finish might come from the youngest and smallest player, Keeley Parks who has already made a Tip Sheet. She's playing 2 years up and not just competing, she is paying dividends and I am expecting big things from her down the road

Boston Berry sounds like an energy drink I had on the east coast but the one on the court is so much better. High BB-IQ already, sees floor extremely well, handles ball under pressure and attacks relentlessly so an abundance of guards getting to the basket and scoring is part of the reason the team made a run. The steady play of  Makena Cruz just keeps getting better, love her upside while speaking of upside, Tiani Ellison is showing that "oops upside ya head" effort as she goes after EVERYTHING, great size and good strength and peep this, she too attacks the basket under control, hopefully yall caught that Gap Band reference. Last but not least is Aaliyah Henderson, there are several D1 LOCKS on this squad and she is definitely one and doing some unreal stuff at this age certainly left a lasting impression. Her energy and explosiveness changes the momentum of games and her ability to score , well trust me .......