Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lubbock Lights Out 2022 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Lubbock Lights Out 2022 definitely made a statement, at least to me on how I'm seeing a change in West Texas basketball. Maybe it's because I'm seeing even more players from that region nowadays however the style of play from many of the squads I've seen lately is different and yet still effective. I walked in on this squad in a tight game, I was trying to catch 4 games at once and even without a catcher's mitt, you throw it at me and it won't get by me so the inside play Tia Johnson and Deja Johnson, wow I just caught that, but the Johnson and Johnson duo were definitely a force to be reckoned with in the paint. Both scored and rebounded well, love their upside

Hannah Zientek joined the Johnson duo of just punishing on the interior and she too rebounded and scored while Bree Brattain mixed it up attacking and pulling up for baskets, Annissa Moreno did what I truly enjoy seeing, played the passing lane, and she does it quite well. Long and athletic with excellent timing plus she showed she could score and rebound so this squad simply had a little bit of everything including #sizedontmatter when you can play guard Lindsey Herrera who was just all over the place. Herrera's ability to see the floor and handle the ball truly got my attention but in the open court, that stutter step and explode to the basket.......

Gabby Fields also explodes tot he basket, she's another guard on the team that can be deceptive and just make things happen and let me say this, what a solid group of players that are showing signs of bigger things down the road and Dabria Williams ability to do a variety of things quite well simply sold me. She's strong and understands two thing when to push the ball and when to control the tempo, while her athleticism enables her to get to the rim and finish with contact, it also lets her create for her teammates. Very good all around game and a huge upside but the same can be said for the whole squad