Monday, August 7, 2017

Dynasty's progression definitely shows @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #8thGrade

One of the must see squads from my Houston area has always been Dynasty who supported me from the beginning when I started my scouting and recruiting service way way back and although I didn't receive that from everyone, almost 10 years later I'm still standing and so are they. It's always important to players in the right situation and this 8th grade squad has definitely made some strides. I butcher Kaidance Glenn name all over the place but watching her slice through defenders is always a treat and her upside remains untapped.

Mykah Mustfal and Savanna Pigman have definitely elevated their games inside, rebounding on both ends as well as defending so that's definitely a plus. Daphne Olivares and Haley Brown also have elevated their games showing breakout potential throughout the season but the main thing is from the first time I saw this squad and the numerous times in between, they've all gotten better, no lateral or stagnant movement, it's all about growth and the whole squad has done just that

Kayla Ngo definitely received a yes after her performance throughout the season. The game starts where folks, at the one, always remember that and everything, like Ngo's game, will fall into place. Trinity Satasiero, Skylar Murray and Breelyn Sanborn round out the squad but the thing about is that all have shown they can create and put the ball in  the basket so as many are about to enter HS, the main thing is that they "get it" and will continue to "bring it"