Friday, August 4, 2017

New Elevate New Orleans exciting as old @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Me telling you I don't like saying "I told you so" just would not be true because there is nothing I love more than being right about talent at a young age and the first time I saw Elevate New Orleans going on 4 years ago, I said several of their players were D1 LOCKS and I think 5 have committed from the 2018 class to D1 programs and anther with from the 2019 so again, this is what I do and l do it well


 Didn't get much of a chance to catch the new squad of 6th graders in depth however I did see them playing a touch DC Queens 2023 Platinum squad and several players impressed me. Jania Holmes and Kyra Bradley are both gifted athletes that can get to the basket and defend, love Krislen Lewis' first step, showing signs of being deadly and I was really impressed wit Terrin Coffil and Jaela Mitchell who were playing up and not only competing but doing damage

Nicole Young got the job done on the inside , she just makes things happen while the energy from both Kameryn Washington and Krislean Lucas definitely helped changed the momentum. This is a talented squad, I didn't get the look I needed, didn't realize a new coach was in charge otherwise I would have definitely made a better effort to catch these young ladies but the good news is their young, the better news is that I'm old and I don't forget anything which is why is I really can't wait to see Sophia McClean creating that shot under pressure and nailing the midrange but Sky, I gotcha bro, next time