Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NTX Shockers 2022 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

I love catching young teams and that old saying, the great thing about 7th graders is that they become 8th graders. Okay, no one says that and I actually never like the freshmen to sophomore saying which absolutely makes no sense either but anyway NTX Shockers 2022 definitely have a little something going throughout the organization. Rachae Fowler knows how to do many things and getting to the rim as well as knocking down the midrange are definitely great ones to have offensively while Macey Borland already is showing she can knock down the long ball consistently

Scary upside inside of Kierston Johnson long and athletic frame. She's somewhere around 6'0 with a wingspan that's over it, she elevates on her shot as well as to rebound and her timing at this age is way ahead of the game as far as changing or blocking defenders shots. Alauna Richardson already knows how to get after it, strong body and simply battles for everything but if I wore a hat, I'd take it off because that in itself fits the whole squad that rolled with only 6 players and definitely made some noise
Watching Deucee Reed progress over the years has definitely been a joy, one more time "the game starts at the one" and her poise under pressure supersedes everything else. Yeah she can handle the ball, sees the floor, makes the right passes at the right time to the right people but when that heat comes, she isn't phased and when your demeanor stays the same, you're in the game, trust me. Her ability to get to the basket as well as knock down the outside shot keeps defenders honest and honestly watching Grace Lowery play the passing lane definitely was impressive as well as her ability to attack from everywhere on the floor. The Super Six definitely made a lasting impression