Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lake City Pride @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #6thGrade

Let me jump off with Paris Guillory and Mikayla Manley both having the knack of getting to the basket just about whenever they want to. Both are athletic and filled with energy, Guillory's slices her way tot he rim with a quick first step, plays the passing lane and is showing the ability to create her shot while Manley just keeps coming at you like the whole team, never say quit. Neveah Clophus and Brianna Delafoisse definitely were in the mix while Gabbie Link proved to be "the missing link" as she adds so much to the squad on both ends

Huge upside for Sarigh Mitchell, one of two 5th graders on the 6th grade squad while the inside play from Ragan Kee was definitely "key" to the teams success over the course of the tournament. She battles in the paint for everything, on both ends and finishes strong but again, this squad just keeps coming at you no matter which mix is on the floor. Makenzie Deville was definitely a " Cadillac" as she showed on more time " #sizedontmatter" especially when you can play and her knack for making things happen definitely came in handy. Ala'jsa Wallker's athleticism also came in handy, baseline to baseline heat is always a good thing and this young squad will do nothing but improve