Wednesday, August 9, 2017

HTX Fire 2022 bring heat @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Got a great look at HTX 2022 and as an added bonus, Ashlon Jackson played with the squad, she's a 7th grader playing up in fact I've already stated that she was not only a D1 Lock but a BCS LOCK a couple of years ago and all I can say is just correct me when I'm wrong, not on typos but on talent but this young lady simply has "it" and at her age, the poise and skill set as well as the years of playing up and not only competing but excelling are all huge before she enters HS. Also loved the energy from Mercedes Mancha and Kylenn Tolopka, both made big plays to help swing or ignite momentum

Definitely was impressed with Kolby Davis, great physique and strength but what really did it for me is not that she scored, it's how she scores, in the flow and in bunches and her offensive arsenal is already loaded, it will do noting but get better because she simply finds ways to score, oh yeah,he defends and rebounds too. Alyssa Berry was definitely in season as she sees the floor and handles the heat, another #sizedontmatter guard that plays under control and makes plays and speaking of under control, Bella Woodard and Kendall Brown weren't phased at all by the pressure

Ashlynn Patrick has good size and already gets it, well gets to it as in rim but she also showed she could face the basket and score plus she rebounds. She's long and athletic and maneuvers very well on both ends of the floor and let me say this, love the range from Kenna Gibson who sometimes is just unconscious as she drains them from another zip code. She and Kaia Henry definitely created some issues but so the did the team as they definitely gave me an eyeful on some of the talented players come up in the Houston area