Wednesday, August 2, 2017

West Texas Breeze showing signs @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #5thGrade

I don't know what grabbed my attention most about this talented squad that has plenty of players that are getting it done early. Well actually I do, Adyson Burns was driving down the court, in traffic and while in the air, changed hands from right to left for a no look assist, that grabbed my attention but when she through a behind the back pass going full speed for another assist, I started to leave because I figured I had seen enough, I hadn't. Kira Fox is throwing outlets on the money, the Double R duo of Rylee Robertson and Reagan Roberts both showed they can score as well as Londyn Shain. Fox also is definitely a force in the paint

Big ups as in upside to Kenzie White and Andie Caddell but I can say that for the whole group because I caught a glimpse of them earlier this season and was simply amazed at the poise and skill set from a "group" this young but it seems like some of these players are interchangeable, I mean Abby Boyce and Benkil Fanslet  can come in as well as Landrie Gregory and there's no let up so when you mix all of the ingredients together, you definitely have a foundation to work with and these talented young ladies are definitely showing they've been putting in the work