Thursday, August 10, 2017

Arkansas Dazzlers 2022 finish 2nd @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals

I know people say they know folks that what I do and I come back with a smart remark letting them know they are truly wrong but either you get it or you will down the road but let me say this, sometimes I really wish I had a clone, I've mentioned this several times because I knew two things, I couldn't be in multiple places for the various divisions at Prime Time Nationals for the championships of each group and I also knew that the 7th Grade would definitely be one I would want to catch

The Arkansas Dazzlers have just about everything from each position, 6'4 Amauri Williams is definitely going to keep her mailbox full, maybe starting now because I remember sending stuff out on another almost 6'4 player from Oklahoma, Kartelyn Levings, while she was heading to the 7th Grade and I think she's in everyone's Top 10 Nationally but again, I know what I'm looking at and with Williams strength, mobility as well as hands and footwork, it's a done deal plus she rebounds and finishes. Kalayna King does a little of everything, nothing like an early "freestyle" but she's long, attacks and can hit the midrange

Chloe Cardy is athletic, gets to the rim and finishes while Gabby Anderson's heat had me looking for water. She too is athletic, brings it baseline to baseline but this team is simply solid. Jaiden Thomas mixes it up well, scores and defends and is showing she can create her shot in tight squeezes, that's always good and what's even better is the upside of Josie Williams who is very talented, the lone 2023 on this 2022 squad who's already showing a variety of offensive weapons

Don't turn your back on Karsen Roach, trust me she can shoot the lights out and when you have multiple players that can just extend the defense to almost mid court, hey I can't make this stuff up Emma Rehm can shoot the three, Ava Knoedl can shoot the the three, I got so pumped I wanted let some fly but again I knew it would be a good championship game, I knew it would go down to the wire and I also KNOW that this is a very talented young squad that will keep getting better