Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ASA invading HoopersRUs September 2nd

The connection with many of the young ladies who play with ASA dates back to almost 10 years ago when my daughter first got to Texas A&M and I remember a whole lot of little kids that were so full of energy but I never gave it a second thought as to "future" basketball stars. Ironically a few years later I saw many of those young ladies playing for TWELVE which had several talented players from the the Brazos Valley area including Treece and Precious Daily and when they came up to me and gave me a hug, it took me a minute to realize these were the same players so I knew I had to check their games out and believe me I wasn't disappointed

Over the years I've had a chance to watch their multiple squads and although the name has been changed , the game hasn't as these young ladies keep getting better throughout the organization so I'm happy to see that not only the Daily sisters, but Darby Hurley, Hannah Matthews and D'Asia White will be on hand for the HoopersRUs event coming on September 2nd. All five of these young ladies have been featured on one of my Tip Sheets in the past, most recently Matthews after Prime Time Nationals but like I tell people and always remember I don't say things with data and common sense, talent is EVERYWHERE if you know what you're looking at

September 2nd at MI-3 will be hot and believe me when I say, EVERY player in attendance will be EVALUATED and one of my new saying is "you need to pay ATTENTION and not just PAY so  sign up before registration closes

HoopersRUs Registration