Monday, August 7, 2017

Lady Wolfpack close it out winning Challenger bracket @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals

Sometimes pieces just fall into place and things just fall into your lap so the first time I saw Whitney Lady Wolfpack , I guess the most impressive thing that caught my eye was a 6'2 freshman I hadn't seen but just watching her in the pregame warm-ups, her mobility, hands and footwork definitely caught my eye so I was totally when I found out that freshman, Tabitha Johnson, was only a 6th grader and I'm thinking my my my


Then the game starts and I'm seeing a group of young talented players getting after it and I guess what impressed me the most about the make-up of the squad is that n matter what was happening in the game, up or down, their demeanor never changed and they have not only made impressive runs, the strides I've seen the players make just from that initial sighting have been huge


Caitlyn Panuco continues to show me that she definitely is going to be a force to be reckoned with in high school and like Johnson she has made a Tip Sheet already but again, watching this team improve every time I watch them is basically what I look for and the progression throughout the team, especially from Kya Martinez, Valerie Panuco and Daisy Martinez tells me that I am in for many more surprises