Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GBD1 makes run @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

The first time I saw this team back in March I guess, I stayed glued to my seat, keep in mind I was hungry and they were serving hot dogs on jalapeno bread,  yes I evaluate more than basketball, so this GBD1 squad left a lasting impression Faith Horton's natural athleticism gives her the potential to just mother players defensively as she can apply heat baseline to baseline but she also can score but the team is definitely filled with players that can do #BOTH. The size and length from both Jayden and Hallie Rhodes blew me away at the initial sighting, nothing has changed, love their upside and Sarah Edmonson joins them as forces to be reckoned with

Donovia Hall made one of my Tip Sheets, I think the exact quote was "I don't know if she's related to Arsenio but she is definitely a hit" if that ain't it, you get the picture and you can "quote me on that." She does so many things well already and with her size, I'm serious, the sky is the limit. How about Kailee Deffebaugh, she's athletic and finishes strong and it seems like th team just keeps coming at you withh players that can do those things. Jordan Cornerly, athletic, get's  to the rim, finishes with contact, defends I mean over and over the parts are inerchangeable

Maya Duckworth just showed me so much more this time that I left amazed and it would be easier to write what she couldn't do. She handled the ball in traffic, saw the floor, got the rim whenever she wanted and defended plus that pull-up was clicking but was the mid and long range from Hailey Bingham who definitely is someone you don't want to not only leave open but you probably don't want her in a position to shoot because she's pretty consistent/ Okay, Cammie McKinney made the Tip Sheet from that initial meeting and let me just say I called her a D1 LOCK so now that I've said it, it's a done deal but the bad part about it is I wrote about her TWO years ago and she was doing much of the same. This is a very talented young lady, scores, defends handles and applies pressure , set teammates up, hey I'm done but I can't wait to catch them again