Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whitney Lady Wolfpack #EliteHoopsShowcase

I was going to get a look at this squad one way or another , first the color of their uniforms definitely was an eye catcher but the biggest eye catcher was this 6'2 I'm guessing freshman in high school I hadn't seen before and since posts are the calls I receive most about from college coaches, I wanted to definitely have this young lady on my radar but let's revisit that in a minute

I started watching this Whitney Lady Wolfpack squad and almost immediately I was taken away by Caitlyn Panuco's ability. She can handle the ball under pressure, nice crossover and gets to the basket quite easily for buckets but there's more to her including mid to long range shooting and setting teammates up for baskets. Her sister Valerie Panuco also dazzles with her ball handling, sees the floor well and the upside from both is definitely bright

Destiny Lucas and Camaria Newsome's athleticism and energy fuels the fire on the defensive end, both can bring heat baseline to baseline while Alyssa McMorries and Kaya Martinez are heady guards that makes things happen on both ends of the floor but this team has several pieces and I'm truly looking forward to get a better view next time I see them. Daisy Rodriguez plays multiple positions and what I enjoyed watching her do more than anything else was play the passing lanes

Back to the 6'2 freshman, well I might be wrong about guessing grades however I'm never wrong about two things, well at least two and that's talent and upside and Tabetha Johnson is only a SIXTH grader folks and she makes the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet