Thursday, April 27, 2017

DC Queens 2023 Orange show up and out #LoneStarJam

One thing I always do is keep it real and in this day of telling parents and players what they want to hear so when someone tells me so and so has their 9 year old daughter 5th in the nation, I usually look at them like their crazy but that's what this is becoming, a lot like the boy's side. I measure talent on the way the game was played right around the turn of the century, you had players everywhere, it was more condensed and you could get a true idea on who was what but I took it a step further and had my 7th grade daughter playing on a team that was two years older and the team played up so using my phrase, it's not what you do, it's who you do it against sort of sets the stage for this talented DC Queens group I caught this past weekend as they played up in the 9th/10th grade division at Prime Time's Lone Star Jam

I love this picture of Victoria Flores flying through the air and she did it numerous times but I'm seeing in this young lady at this stage of her career has me thinking big things are ahead and the same could be said for many others on this squad including Crislyn Amari Rose who joined Flores on my Tip Sheets from the Lone Star Jam, links are at bottom, but I'm certain all of these players will be on one of my various tip sheets in the future

Nicole Morgan Weaver showed she could shoot the ball, mid to long range, consistently while Natalie Cardenas handles the ball easily and effortlessly under pressure as she sees the floor and scores well. Mackenzie Townsel and Tristen Jayde Taylor both are bursting with energy and their athleticism enables them to bring heat on both ends but even more so they enjoy doing it.

I've seen Vivian Jin a few times, knows how to create her shot in traffic and can knock it down but Zaniyah Johnson Andrews is definitely ahead of the game because she has size and goes after everything on the boards and I'm talking both ends. Madison McCloud attacks the basket from everywhere, she's strong and finishes strong, with contact.

This talented squad of 6th graders playing against high school talent showed me a lot and I truly could understand if some parents felt slighted that I missed them at Queen Of The Court, believe me I've been there, however this is what's known as a correctable error and I was truly impressed with not only the skill set of the squad but their poise and like Bonecrusher, they were "never scared" of the competition