Thursday, March 12, 2015

Watch 2019 Team St Louis Adidas #BattleAtTheHive before it's gone

When you come from St Louis, you better be ready so I asked a couple of the players could they really play and the response I got was come see. I love that response, well I love when the team actually can play and let's just call them the Super Six because even though they shorthanded, they wouldn't stop and competed competed competed. Kori Tomlin handled the ball well and knows how to run a team, good defender and scorer but she makes them go. Shamiya Henry showed me she could knock that midrange down consistently and Je' Naiya Davis has a different gear, that first step is a monster as she blows by defenders with ease

Aijah Blackwell plays taller that 5'9, maybe it's the athleticism, maybe it's the length, but maybe you need click on the link below and check her and her teammates out because yes, there is talent on this team and she definitely a #D1LOCK, I'm calling it now because it would be easier to name what she can't do, the package is there, trust me. Breanna Diestelkamp was also a bright spot, she's 6'11 and can hit the midrange plus she has plenty of upside and you got to have that enforcer type that just goes after everything, Britnee Terry is strong and she plays strong on both ends. This little man also kept me entertained, I don't know who his sister is but he told me he was going to play as well