Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Skyrise takes 2021 SILVER #BattleAtTheHive

This Skyrise 2021 has a nice mix of everything and those that know me know that I say the game starts at the one and if you don't believe that, well that's a Siminism 101 rule for you. I enjoyed watching R'Mani Taylor put on a dribbling exhibition in street clothes however when I first saw her in game situation, I knew she had something going on. Well a year later, the young lady continues to grow, bot on and off the court and the truly impressive thing is shes running the one playing a year up. She Aleah Franklin and Kailyn Peters are all from the 2022 however you would never know it watching them on the floor

Inside you have Alexis Babineaux and Jada Malone, both have improved since I saw them at last seasons Prime Time Nationals, Malone has added another growth spurt but they both bang in the paint on both ends and get this, both are a shade under the magic number of  6'0. Haleen Harris is listed at 5'7 but she plays a lot taller, plenty of athleticism plus she's long but those three are nowhere near peaking

Gabby Hamilton has become more aggressive on both ends, that's a huge plus to go with her skill set and she along with Franklin and Kamari Portalis can get the job done as they join the #sizedontmatter club at 5'1. I'll be catching up with this group again, this my first look at many of them including Sammy Meyers and the potential is there as the sky continues to rise