Friday, March 13, 2015

Houston Skyrise 2019 (Myers/Caldwell) #BattleAtTheHive

This is a new Skyrise team filled with a lot of potential and right now, Almost six feet,  Khari Clark is showing she's more than ready to expand her game. She's aggressive on both ends, can man-up on perimeter and finish with contact. Chyndall Daniels has athleticism out of this world and made several highlight type blocks while Melanie Williams is 5'10 and Shelby Smith is around that but both play bigger and I can't wait to catch Diasya Simmons and Abby Gerold over the season. Both showed spurts at the Battle At The Hive that I need to keep an eye on while Lili Myers, Devan Caldwell and Kinsley Willis showed me I better not blink on them either