Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flower Mound makes surprise visit to state, or do they

The first time I saw Lauren Cox was when she was an 8th grader playing at Prime Time Nationals and I was simply amazed at her hands and footwork, the ability to run the floor, defend and more importantly finish. I wrote a piece that night and the next day a couple of guys came over and introduced themselves to me as coaches from the team playing against Cox and one made mention about how he had coached high school ball for over 20 years and he was tired of people writing about these kids when he had kids better, mind you they were HS seniors and this young lady had yet to suit up for her first game at Flower Mound and he said she was nothing more than a volleyball player playing basketball

When I realized he was talking about me, like the #AutoAwesome photo he had to get that out of here so my response was coach I know guys who have been mechanics for over 20 years yet their cars are always broke. Over the years I've heard people say some stupid things however one thing I'm pretty good is assessing talent and especially at a young age so being #1 nationally in her class as well as making the USA team not to mention being recruited, well offered by just about everyone simply shows I was once again on the money. Soon after I began calling Cox " Miss Triple Double" and in their upset victory on Plano West to get here, she was 2 assists shy