Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oklahoma Swarm Pride 2019 #BattleAtTheHive

The talent I saw in Oklahoma left me smiling because on various teams I just know that the hashtag I always use and tell players and their parents is this #talentiseverywhere. Oklahoma Swarm Pride 2019 squad fits that mode as they have players who are on the verge or not far behind bursting out of the seams as far as being those that will be recruited to play somewhere. The main reason I use that # is to try and let those who may think they've already arrived to keep working on their games because I have seen several middle school stars end their high school careers with just that, a star in middle school

Don't see that happening on this team, these young ladies definitely work and I don't care if it was the group with Zayna Assaleh, Natalie Laidley, Lauren Masquat, Lyndsey Robinson and Kamdyn Vandorn or if it was a mixture of Tatum Griffin, Riah Smith, Taylor Spencer or Kinzey Stephenson, every time I checked, it was the same heat being applied