Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Arkansas Mavericks 2020 #BattleAtTheHive

Sasha Cooper and Coriah Beck were a couple of young ladies I had caught earlier via closed circuit TV, aka @passthaball mixed tape from HoopAHolics Camp so I already kind of knew what to expect however my expectations were exceeded. Goforth can handle the ball and create her own shot which is huge and the midrange is deadly. Emmie Bailey and Mariah Smith both showed they could score, Smith actually can launch it from just about anywhere passed midcourt

Beck is long and has athleticism and body control beyond her years and she's exciting right now attacking the basket so I can only imagine what's coming. Peyton Andrews is 2021 playing up, she's already getting attention and she along with Beck are 5'10. McKenzie Muse is standing at the magic number, plenty of upside left in her game as well as guards Keith Tampus, Makenna Vanzant and Tori Davis. In case you missed it here's a HoopAHolics recap featuring Goforth and Beck

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