Tuesday, March 17, 2015

D1 Shooters 2020 Blue #BattleAtTheHive

I love associating numbers with certain things and since 24 is one of my all time favorite series, watching Liz Smith go off while wearing it was a pleasure. Smith has range, can take players off the dribble, finish with contact, I mean she's simply a player that definitely has a bright future but this team is simply loaded with many I can say that about. Morgan Hervey gets better every time I see her play, she's 5'9 but plays like she's already at the magic number. Nnedi Okammor has passed the magic number, she's 6'3, and with her athleticism and energy, there's no telling how good she's going to be but trust me, she'll create problems on both ends before it's over with

Blaire Smith is like a professor on the court or let me say scientist she simply dissects the defense in numerous ways. She has a lot going for her other than being able to attack the basket and see the floor, her comprehension is ahead of her years and she sees plays happening before they actually do. Trinity Barnes was another bright spot, she's a zonebuster that can also score off the dribble but when I saw this squad last season I mentioned they were one of the teams that had some of the top young talent in the Metroplex

Daxia Melton has "package" and several stars on my sheet and her gift is that she's loaded with fireworks galore. She''s a nightmare to defend, she's long and has a killer first step as well as the ability to shoot the three ball well plus she rebounds and defends baseline to baseline. Other key player are Carsen McFaddedn, Mekayla Holley and Yasmine Posada but the thing about the whole squad is that they haven't reached their full potential which is scary