Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HGEE 2022 GOLD runner-up #BattleAtTheHive

This is a next level photo if I've ever taken one and to say that about 5th graders means a lot because one thing I definitely know is talent and where the bar has been set and just watching these two teams, Team Tulsa Pink and HGEE , both a couple of 5th grade squads get after a couple of times had my adrenaline going. I've already done some something on TTP, they won the championship and you can check that out by clicking this LINK

I've been checking out HGEE for a few years now and they have some of the best young talent i the Metroplex but let me say this, this young squad is absolutely loaded in fact I'm just speechless about some of what I saw in this age group. Cammie McKinney has handles, range is athletic and plays the passing lane but she was out for the championship game due to an injury. Macie Borland also has range but watching Kayla Cooper and Grace Taylor, a couple of small guards at 4'10 bring heat was truly a #sizedontmatter treat. Cooper also has a nice floater but as I said, this squad is loaded

I wrote "package" down for Kyla Deck, she showed me enough the first two minutes to know she would be a TIP SHEET LOCK and Jasmine Lott simply goes after everything. This kid here is fast, with the ball and reads the passing lane as well as an All Pro cornerback. The athleticism doesn't stop there because Faith Horton and Holly Scheuke definitely brought it and although Kailee Deffebaugh has her back to you in the picture, don't turn your back on her because she is long, has timing ahead of her age and comes out of nowhere.