Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cy Woods has proven they're the team to beat

It's a simple as what I said earlier on how this  would play out, North Shore would meet Cy Woods in the regional semi's and they were the only team in the area capable of pulling it off, that is stopping the Wildcats from heading to San Antonio. Cy Woods has simply been amazing and the additions of Cate Reece and Jasmine Williams were the candles on the already iced cake. Nancy Mulkey has at times been simply someone I can't describe and to think as great as she is she will still be better in college. Tatyana Perez simply has mesmerized me with her improved ball-handling and passing, the game starts at the one folks and this young lady has expanded her game so much that I simply don't think anyone is going to even come closes this weekend.

Erica Ogwumike, EO, The Glue, The Baby actually lit those candles as well as she torched the nets, now that was smooth. I don't remember all of the names I've called her but I know she''s dominated her position in the area on both ends and what she showed towards the end of the regional finals, that is setting up some of her teammates off the bench for baskets speaks of her character because she could have had 50 if she wanted Big S/O to Shelbey Stephenson for bringing both O and D when needed in clutch situations throughout the season and I'll break down the match-ups as best as I can later but when the team get's caught in two #AutoAwesome photos ......