Saturday, March 14, 2015

2019 Tulsa Lady Bulldogs #BattleAtTheHive

I'm doing my 2019 RAP today before I head to the Southland Conference semi's and I know it's wrap but I like just throwing things out there to make sure people are paying attention because sometimes, you may not notice certain things, this is a trait I learned when my daughter was being recruited and Carolyn Peck was at one of her games at a major tournament yet left after a couple of minutes in which my daughter had made a couple of turnovers so I thought to myself, well they're not interested. Fast forward to a couple of months later and I see Coach Peck at a high school game in which my daughter was going completely off dropping I guess 7 or 8 threes in the first half from past 30 feet so I had to ask coach was she still interested. Her response was she saw enough in those two minutes, she knew she could play and yes they were definitely interested

This is the primary reason I don't over analyze things and like college coaches, I could care less who wins or loses, I'm just looking for kids who can play at the next level and this was one of the primary reasons I went to the Battle At The Hive because with over 80 teams filled with some of the top middle school players in the country, I knew I could a jump on the stars of tomorrow and trust me, talent is everywhere so you better keep working on your game
I tweeted about calling Breonna Blakely BB, even though I spelled her name wrong I got her game right and she definitely left an impression because she simply got it done. She and Ty'najah Mitchell's  ball-handling skills kept everything running smoothly for the Tulsa Lady Bulldogs. I know I'm missing someone but Deonna Carter, Mackenzie Shaw and Rylie Watson, along with Nyla Finch-Jordan showed an amazing amount of upside but these young ladies simply get after it

 Truth be told, Darriona Pilldellow was a force either by attacking or rebounding on both ends but I really liked her shooting the midrange, you want to have as many weapons in your arsenal as possible and she definitely has some. Then there was Maryah Lowe who has a very high upside even though she's getting it done almost effortlessly. Lowe get's to the rim almost at will and finishes strong with contact