Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oklahoma PWP runner-up in 2019 GOLD #BattleAtTheHive

How intrigued have I become with the PWP organization since catching them at either DFW Elite's March Fest or Big State Flava a few years ago, well I thought about remixing a 50 song because when they hit the floor it was like " I don't what you heard about" fast forward "cause were the talented PWP"  or something like that but talent galore is running through this club. Bryuanna Mitchell knows the game starts at the one and she does a very good job at running the team. She can also score and defend and sees the floor well. High BB-IQ runs rampant on this squad, Alyssa Ryan and Savanna Stout simply think the game and get it done on both ends, Ryan also sees the floor well under pressure

Rhy Anderson blew me away with a behind the back move between two players in traffic in the paint, she scores effortlessly going to the basket, can finish with contact or just step out and shoot it. Holly Kersgeiter can also finish with contact and does something I love to see, play those passing lanes very well. She's something to see in the open court and when she teams up with Dariann Miles on the break, you already know, at least I do what's about to happen. Miles is simply a silent assassin on both ends so you better be prepared

Destiny Johnson probably doesn't realize what she's working with but one play in the open court showed me this young lady can be a legitimate star, she has plenty of tools to work with but her explosiveness is something to see. Isabella Regaldo has good hands, understands the game and has not only good form on shot but understands the importance of following it. Oh yeah, Gabby Gregory, what can I say about the young lady I saw playing here in Texas a couple of seasons ago

Gregory has gotten stronger on both ends and has the will to be denied be it offensively or defensively and when you play this hard on both ends of the court, that alone will make people notice. When you are able to put the ball in the basket multiple ways, that means your mailbox will stay full from college coaches, Gregory is a BCS type player, trust me