Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PWP 2020 #BattleAtTheHive

I think this #AutoAwesome photo of Kendra Gillespie scoring in the paint is sort of how I should open the 2020 segment of my Battle At The Hive coverage. As mentioned in a previous story, Oklahoma PWP caught my eye at a DFW Elite event a few short years ago and one thing I can count on is spotting next level players galore throughout their organization. Gillespie has a couple of advantages going for her already, one her size and her age, she's playing up, plus she's doing damage on the court, well I guess that's more than a couple

Wyvette Mayberry will join her older sisters at a D1 college, I already see the talent as she's explosive and can play both ends. Morgan Kennedy has a great feel for the game, sees the floor and does the little things that might not come up in the box score. Karly  Wadsworth can shoot it, I mean I watched her dropping shots from a variety of spots on the floor and she and Alyson Kennedy showed plenty of range

#SizeDontMatter guards were abundance, I look at it like this, if you're a playa, you're a playa and Haely Meely simply zipped through the defense almost at will. She can run a team, hits teammates on the money through traffic plus she can handle the ball with speed and under pressure. As the picture shows, she can get to the rim and what it doesn't show is finish. Jayla Burgess is long and attacks well from the wing and by well I mean hard and can take a lick while finishing. Makenna Burch is athletic and has a strong body, she and Ari Mack have plenty of upside, well so does the whole team including Chow Martin who handles the ball well and she has speed, that's a huge plus at this age because being under control going fast with the ball is an intangible you want