Friday, March 13, 2015

OK Select First 2019 #BattleAtTheHive

I saw this super team at Prime Time Nationals as they came together and dismantled the competition on their way to the 2019 title behind several players that simply blew me away. The Gore twins may or may not be related to Lesley but it's there party as they bring an abundance of heat between them. Katy can simply shoot the lights out while Macy has body control beyond her years and finishes with contact. You know what, their twins so they actually can do much of the same thing but this is a talented team with talented players and one of the surprises was Peyton Simmons who just brought it

Don't turn your back on Katelyn Crosthwait, she's launching them from another galaxy with ease but her athleticism all over the court along with her ability to not only see the floor but make pinpoint passes will take her a long way. This is  a high BB IQ squad, Erin Erodes just gets it done and knows the importance of running a team plus she can score when needed. Aliyah Lianusa's older sister is one of the top 17s in the country and has already committed to OU but younger sister has taken her game to another level and her future will be bright as well

Makayla White and Brandi Jordan know how to use their bodies extremely well, bot can rebound on both ends and finish but if you read my stuff, I call Ginger Reece an absolute BEAST and not because it rhymes. The things she did last season were just a throwback of players from yesteryear, she simply won't be outworked but Reece's game has definitely expanded, she's shooting the ball well facing the basket, from mid and long range as well as attacking from the wing

Lauren Fields was playing up last season and I was sold thinking she was a 2018, so after I found out she was a 2019, how ya think I felt. She's an offensive nightmare, has a nice quick release from all over the court and can elevate over players under the basket after she blows by the first 2 or 3. Mikayla Furman was also a bright spot I hadn't seen before, plenty of upside yet she can score and defend right now