Tuesday, March 10, 2015

OK Swarm Elite 2021 runner up in SILVER #BattleAtTheHive

How good was the championship game between Oklahoma Swarm 2021 Elite and Skyrise 2021, well does my hashtag #downtothewire grab you? Swarm goes up, Skyrise comes back takes the lead, Swarm up again, then Skyrise sends game into OT where they eventually win 47-43 but let's just that I was impressed with the players I had a chance to see on both teams not only because of their skill set at their age but simply the never quit on you, fight to the end that was so prevalent on numerous teams throughout the event

Swarm's tallest players were Jayla Moore and Isabel Lagensberg and are listed as 5'7  and the next tallest player was Lauren  Hjelmstad at 5'5 so right there they gave away 4 to 6 inches to the Skyrise tallest but Swarm was ready to fight and they did just that. Big ups to Jenna Marshall and Sydney Brown , both at 5'3 that simply fought, well the picture tells you that in itself.  Macy Moore, Angel Scott and Madison Cooper all brought heat from the guard spot