Saturday, March 14, 2015

UNSIGNED Kryshona Carter named to TGCA All State team

Cedar Ridge's Kryshona Carter summed up in word and that's player and I keep emphasizing that #sizedontmatter when you're a player. I gave one coach the analogy of picture an 18 wheeler with no tires, yeah it's big but it's not going to do anything for you but seriously, I have this young lady tabbed to be able to play D1 ball, it's just that simple and although she's battled back from minor injuries, she played a  huge part in the run Cedar Ridge made. To top all of that off, Carter has been named to the TGCA All State team which lists a Who's Who among talent in the state so go figure.

Next week, I'll be sending info on the UNSIGNED players that can actually help at the next level and if you get from me you know it's legit or at least you will know four years from now