Sunday, March 1, 2015

A&M Consolidated run falls short

I enjoyed watching both A&M Consolidated and Rudder and I have to make it a point to catch both next season but I love the way Lady Tigers head coach put things in perspective "We're proud of our kids,"  Heintz said. "One game does not define us. We didn't finish it off. You can't make critical errors in that time of the game, but a couple of critical errors should not negate 17 hustle plays to get you back in it. You can't come from 12 down in the fourth quarter against a team that's going to state without some moxie. We have a little bit of that."

Aerial Starks was on “Air Alert” as she played like the big time player I keep telling you all she is and her 27 came from a variety of ways.  Much respect to PG Alexis Oaks, she’s definitely a next level player that’s smart and can a run a team and how about Beth Ashley being in the zone from long range, five threes in a half ain’t no joke but she shot the ball well every time I saw her play this season