Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cy Woods vs Dallas Skyline for the big one

Don't know if Nancy Nulkey was upset about being photo-bombed by yours truly however one thing you don't want to do is upset her and she turns into The Incredible Mulk as she scored 21 points and added 14 rebounds in Cy Woods 79-60 victory. This game was deadlocked at 38 at halftime, much of that was simply because Amber Ramirez dropped 7 of her 8 threes and had 25 points


Woods was simply too strong with four players in double figures including freshman Cate Reece who like Mulkey had a double-double of 15/11. Isn't it ironic that Mulkey (Oklahoma) and Ramirez (Oklahoma State) are couple of juniors that have already committed and I'm here on Oklahoma and passed by both colleges

Been talking about Amber  for what seems like forever so here's 10 from Ramirez for the road