Monday, March 23, 2015

Skyrise Broughton has nice mix #PrimeTime

Skyrise Broughton has a nice mix of players from 5th to 7th grade and one thing I enjoyed watching was the energy and the effort as well as how they absorbed what their coach was telling them and she knows a little something about this game having been a D1 coach herself so with that being said her daughter Asia Broughton simply caught my eye before the ball was even tipped. She's already has size and strong build and her best basketball is ahead of her because I can already see her developing in a standout player that will play at the next level

Ashlyn Jones and Malikia Thomas are long and athletic, both know how to attack and get after it on the other end while Paige and Peyton also could take players off the dribble and saw the floor well, Kate McEwen also did a good job off making the right passes at the right time as well as playing the passing lane, something I really enjoy seeing especially from the younger ages

Winter George is strong and physical on both ends and goes after just about everything while Taylor Howard , one of the youngest players on the team, keeps improving every time I see her. She understands the concept and knows how to get to the rim but even better than that she's doing a good job of getting her shot off with contact from older players and many times positioning herself for an and one opportunity