Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crossover 2019 runner up in 8th Grade Division #PrimeTime

Crossover 2019 has some exciting players that I'll definitely be watching in HS, Jessica Epting, Helena Johnson and Gabby Hurst no how to apply heat on both ends. Epting is also strong and physical, Johnson is aggressive rebounding and finishes strong plus she plays that ever so important passing lane while Hurst just simply battles. I love the upside Tamia Horton has, she's strong and looks like she'll be around "the magic number" and I see things definitely falling into place for her

Mallory Gibson knows how to get to the basket and the line, finishes with contact and is putting together a nice floater while Kayleigh Davis is one of those #sizedontmatter guards that simply keep coming at you on both ends. Gillian Barber's speed enables her to create problems, nice first step is always good to have when you're attacking but like I said this team is exciting and has some talent. Briley Perkins had the shot of the day on Saturday and pulled the Euro of the month on Sunday and watching this young lady continue to take her game to another level is a treat as she's can score multiple ways