Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CIA runner-up in 2021 GOLD #BattleAtTheHive

There's nothing like having athleticism along with being able to play basketball and throughout the Battle At The Hive, I saw countless teams filled with players who were exciting, had great BB-IQ and simply just went after it and CIA was one of those teams. Laniah Randall seemed to be able to blow by folks at will, Katelyn Kennedy loved to bang and rebound but this team has talent including key reserves Maria Oglesby, Takia Profit, Cayana Stanley and Keyhana Turner

Kaysia Woods hid in the championship photo but she couldn't hide on the court and with her length and height, she created some issues going baseline and altering shots. Jaidyn Shomp came up with numerous steals, why, because she understands the importance of playing the passing lane which leads to, what, easy baskets going on the other end

Kimalee Cook brought it on both ends, plenty of energy and athleticism and she kept going and going and going but she knows how to anticipate on defense and she finishes strong going to the rim. Derryana Cobbins has the tools to be an offensive machine, she has range and a deadly first step and her body control, especially at this age, is something to see and before you ask, she also reads the defense and is a Tip Sheet Lock