Monday, March 23, 2015

Crossover runner-up in 7th Grade Division #PrimeTime

This 2020 Crossover team is one you don't want to ever blink while they're playing because you may miss something. I tweeted Saturday about all of the talent that just kept coming at me from this squad and they simply have this, players who are going to be stars in HS and those who are the verge of doing the same thing which equates to numerous next level players. Jaedyn Dunn caught my attention on  a video from HoopAHolics Camp however seeing her live was better than Memorex, if you get that you're going to be able to follow everything I #ThrowBack at ya

Dunn and Kinsie Kim are not only good ball handlers but they understand the game which definitely places them ahead of the game. Jaelyn Compton and Madi LaFrance both impressed me with their play on both ends while I finally had a chance to see Genelle Green live, I already sort of knew what to expect. Green was sitting at an event with her day dissecting HS games, so I knew she would be able to think the game but her ability to get to the rim at this age, well and finish with contact is definitely huge

Kaley Perkins happens to be at just about everything I cover so when I tell you I see progression every time she steps on the floor, take it to the bank as well as her game. When you have a team full of smart guards, you're going to create some problems and Crossover has a great mix of that as well as other things but the younger Perkins sister has definitely added even more to her arsenal of weapons and showing them on a team full of next level players was something to see

Fatow Samb has star written all over her down and even though she's raw in some areas, the basic concept of the game is there, she rebounds, runs the floor and keeps the ball high and at 6'3 with an even longer wing span, well just remember the name once the product is finished. Ashlee Harrison and Bailey Andrews are also going to be big time players, Harrison can stop on a dime and drop the mid, has a strong body and can get there while Bailey simply goes by defenders effortlessly. The main thing I can say about both this team and TWELVE is that they never quit, I truly love that because even with talent, heart is what will get you over the hump