Thursday, March 12, 2015

OKC Ravens win 2019 SILVER #BattleAtTheHive

I only caught a glimpse of the OKC Ravens but with a keen eye for talent, I knew they would be doing some damage in the 2019 SILVER Division and damage they did as they would up being the champions. Oklahoma, like Texas, is loaded with talented players and the Ravens are another one of the clubs that simply have a little bit of everything. Meagan McAlpin, Dava Guy and Lauryn Reither all showed the could shoot the three, Reither also does a great job of getting to the rm and finishing

Other key are Yionis Keith, Nakiya Ballard, Ahnecia Lofton, Aniya Blackwolf and Taylor Hendrix, as I said I didn't see much of the team on opening day but I would love to get a better feel of the squad the next time I can. I did get a feel for some of the others, Tilan Nolan has BEAST like qualities, she's agressive and strong, definitely won't back down and she stands at the magic number. Amari Thompson is also strong, loves to bang and goes to the basket hard and then we have Kamiayah Lyons and she does what I love to see, play the passing lanes and she does it passionately. She too is strong and plays hard on both ends and when I saw the name Lyons, I asked her mom if her name was Cookie because they're working on an #EMPIRE of talent on this team, now that was smooth and true