Friday, March 13, 2015

OK Swish 2019 #BattleAtTheHive

When I found out Jessica Murcer had a younger sister that could play and her team would be playing in the Battle At The Hive, I definitely wanted to check the squad out and as it turns out, yes she can play but she's not the only one. Murcer is a good ball handler and captures the concept of the game which is great because there's nothing like a smart point guard. She can a run a team and drop deep ones but that acceleration is there as well because she can do damage off the dribble. Olivia Curtis dropped the midrange consistently, she too sees the floor well and what about Elise Foreman, let me just say ZONEBUSTER because she can launch them accurately from everwhere

Turner Mattingly-Harnden was simply as awesome as this #AutoAwesome picture and I just got tired of writing about what she could do and put package because her game is definitely on point for big things and watching someone this age mastering touch passes simply blew me away. I had her mixed up with Jayce Freshour who along with Christina Shadid, Kelsi Fitzgerald and Makenzie Richards sort of fill in the blanks but show a lot of promise and upside and it also helps when you know the game

Cur'Tiera Haywood at 6'1 has the potential to go BCS, that size and desire on both ends alone is a rare quality mixed with her athleticism and ability to finish in the paint or by facing the basket but I think I liked her hands most of all because she simply caught just about everything. Grace Niuehes at 6'0 has something you can't teach and when you're in the paint with her, be ready for a battle because this young lady simply won't give up and was one of the best rebounders on both ends I saw at the event