Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skyrise Howard 2020 win 8th Grade Championship #PrimeTime

Three of my favorite saying fall right into place in this story and the main one is "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and this Skyrise team played up and defeated a talented Crossover squad in the championship. I often refer to "the magic number" and if you don't know what that is, it's six feet which by itself has over a 75% chance of getting a player to the next level somewhere and this young squad has many that are near or will be around that number. Last but not least, I often hashtag #sizedontmatter which simply means if you are a player, it will simply show because you simply Just Do It or get it done

Rianne Burton and Cassidy Howard are both around 5'9 and the magic number is definitely within reach however both simply get it done on both ends of the paint. Howard actually showed me on opening day he's expanding her game more on the outside while Burton was virtually unstoppable in the championship game. Jade McAllister is right at the magic number now and her strength on both ends of the paint is a plus now which will have stars circled around it as she gets older. Cy Maya Colquitt plays taller than what she is, she has a strong body and relishes contact and when you're this age and love physicality, awe man, plus she anticipates well

Athleticism runs rampant on this squad, several players simply bring it which enables the team to turn up the heat. Kyndall Hunter and Brianna Parker fall int that #sizedontmatter mode and Parker is just all over the place as she has a knack to be where the ball is while Hunter, who blew me away at last seasons Prime Time Nationals,, was running the one playing a couple of years up. Her first step is a killer and she handled the pressure against a good team, that's something you can't teach and her upside is huge.

Plenty of upside in Shadiya Thomas and Sydney Rollins as well, both read the court and play the passing lanes. Amanda Turpin has the tools to be deadly from the outside, she knows how to create and get her shot off, has nice form and range, well she's pretty accurate right now. These young ladies are definitely going to be fun to watch down the road. When you have a good comprehension of the game and you're willing to lay it all out, well you've overcome a huge hurdle. Special S/O to R'Mani Taylor who made a cameo appearance, I already know what's ahead for her but all I can say is trust me