Monday, March 9, 2015

#AutoAwesome from #BattleAtTheHive

I'll start this one off and say this was Turner Mattingly-Harnden's rection after finding out I tweeted about her yet with someone else's name. Seriously she and her Oklahoma Swish squad were definitely impressive and I'l bring you more on them later

I caught Oklahoma PWP a few years ago and like the Swish, they have an abundance of talented players throughout the organization These young ladies are from the 2019 squad, more on them and the 2020 team this week

So fasten your seat belts, the action is definitely coming from my exciting weekend in Oklahoma, I saw a whole lot of teams and a whole lot of players, many with next level potential to some I ready to lock right now

But no trip would have been complete here with catching Ginger "The Beast" Reece and her talented Oklahoma Select squad so I'll leave you with the cheerleaders from HGEE and believe me much more to come after I cross state line,well a little longer than that because that I-35 , anyway HG Let's Go!!!!