Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DC Queens 2021 always fun to see #BattleAtTheHive

I've grown accustomed to watching these young ladies from the DC Queens organization over the past two seasons and like the picture above shows, they help each other up and have each others back and the motivation each player gives whether on the bench or on the floor goes a long way in my book. Destiny Coe keeps getting better, she's long and creates issues on both ends. Rhianna Johnson, Zaria Rufus and Tori Alexander bring so much heat until I'm glad the weather was cool in OKC

Kayla Glover continues to progress, ball-handling and range are on point as she is launching them even further than when I saw her a couple of years ago. Sanaa Murphy-Showers has the right name because there's sprinkles everywhere when she's on the floor. Athletic and plays the passing lane are among her strong points but as  I stated I sort of know what they are capable of doing

Arianna Hines has a deadly crossover, mix that with a quick first step and body control and you have some issues to deal with. If you're thinking about  playing ff of her, that might not be wise as she can shoot it from everywhere. Kendall Brown is strong and can power her way inside yet she has range as well, not to mention when the heat comes, she's in it because she too loves to play the passing lanes