Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Early Texas MDAA watch at #SBEX and #MarchFest

A light-bulb went off as my mind is always clicking and after watching the top five ranked Texas players over the past couple of weekends, I figured I throw this out after checking my guy Dan Olson @CGBR27 rankings out, read more

Lashaan Higgs-So far, she's put together one of the best offensive performances I've seen not only this season but this century. Don't drive after watching her dribble, if you get pulled over they might make you walk that line

Jordan Hosey- Adding the long range to her game has certainly helped the Cy Fair star, it helped Manvel win state and it it's going to help team Ogwumike make another Nike National run as she and Higgs are rolling early

Kyra Lambert-Solid in every aspect of her game, she can punish opponents on both ends and she can take punishment going to the basket while finishing for Team Xpress

Teaira McCowan-Still not in basketball shape but I'm expecting her to be a dominant performer in the middle for T-Jack this season

Ashley Hearn- When you're this athletic at a young age with that height, everything will fall into place and don't be surprised if she makes a jump, a big jump and after this past weekend, she made the Tip Sheet

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