Monday, July 31, 2017

NLMA 2025 wins 4TH Grade 2017 Prime Time Nationals capping B2B titles

I love feedback, well when it makes sense and by that I mean makes sense to me because I'm in my own little world doing my thing and over the past few days, that was watching talented players, many of which showed me already they have not only the potential to play somewhere in college but be impact players when they get there. NLMA 2025 left me speechless and if you know me, I love to talk, maybe during events because I'm busy and focused on what I'm doing and watching and sometimes that might be myself taking a selfie

I don't even know were to start with this group so let the pictures dictate how I roll. Aaliyah Chavez is past athletic and falls into that "ultra athletic mode" you might hear me talking about, well read but she not only hangs in the air but glides as well and this stage, that ain't happening a lot and I've been doing this since last century so I sort of know what I'm talking about. Not only does she create her on shot in traffic, she attacks the basket relentlessly and with her length and size, she's going to be hard to handle

Valerie Norwood may or may not be kin to Brandi but watching her change directions, in traffic, was definitely a hit with me. I love seeing players do things instinctively and under control, these are things you can't teach. Kiyoko Proctor and Kaylinn Kemp just keep coming at you, there is no quit in their game and watching Devoriah Brown handle the ball under pressure was a treat in itself

I see ya battlin Aniyah Johnson, good size and strength already at this stage mixed with coordination are all pluses that will lead you to the cake but the icing she attacks the rim strong and finishes with contact coupled with form on her free throws, these are little things that will be huge. Shilow Kimpson has the name to go with the game because she sees the floor, attacks and finishes  and that midrange is going to come in handy, well not for defenders.

Let me a bug in your ear because as I was told on Facebook everyone doesn't know who I am but the game has and always will start at the ONE and Raniyah Hunt has the tools that can't be taught. She understands two things that stand out, who to get the ball to and when to do it but an even bigger thing is when to take the game over. Smart and steady point guards will always catch my attention but this squad definitely kept it