Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Houston Elite #MemorialDayClassic

Mia Mitchell is only a 2022 however watching her play in the 8th grade division, well, you'd never know however that's been the norm for the Houston Elite program over the seasons and as they headline a new era of stars, something they've been doing as long as anyone else, I still remember the battles of yesteryear before this new breed of "fixing girls basketball" came unto the scene which definitely tickles me but it's always a pleasure to watch teams that just go "all out" and put everything on the court that you have and this club is one that still does that

Alexis Marrion, a promising 2019 player is someone remember in a stroller, both her parents officiated and she's an accomplished volleyball player but her skills on the court could help Jersey Village make a run. Ashley Borland showed she could be effective inside, Cortisha Ellis also brought her aggressiveness to the table and the athleticism Jada Rogers brings to the table is definitely a plus. Big improvement in D' Anna West's game however the biggest jump had to come from Dari Gabriel who made the Tip Sheet